About the Nightmare

In early 2004 the Rotary Club of Sammamish decided to create a unique haunted adventure. The goal was to create a project that would involve the city's teenagers both as constructors and customers. They gathered help from Scare Productions, Valour Designs, the Sammamish Youth Board, the Skyline High School Key Club, Eastlake High School DECA, the City of Sammamish, and people from our community.

Several things make our haunt unique. Visitors wind their way through both outdoor and indoor scenes. Each set provides a theatrical experience including live actors. From construction to acting to security, Nightmare at Beaver Lake is run by hundreds of volunteers.

That first year nearly 4000 people screamed their way through Beaver Lake Park in just four nights. In 2005 we saw more scenes and an even larger attendance. By 2006 we had extended the trail to nearly 3/4 of a mile and attendance had swelled to over 8,000. By 2011 we had nearly 12,000 visitors to our asylum over 10 nights who donated over 2,500 pounds of food!

All of the money and food donations generated from ticket sales are donated back into our community and to charities here and abroad. We hope to see Nightmare at Beaver Lake grow larger, stronger, and scarier every year!

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